Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crispy Deep-Fried Intestines - Szechuan Spicy House

In Thailand, pork intestines aren't considered that adventurous to eat. They're just about as common as chicken and calamari. We mainly put them in soups and stews, and sometimes stir-fry dishes. Growing up in Bangkok, I ate pork intestines at least a couple times a month. Strangely, though, I'd never had them deep-fried. My grandmother, the chef of the family, wouldn't cook them that way. And most restaurants wouldn't either. I guess it's just not a Thai thing. 

Then last week, my husband and I decided to venture into this Chinese restaurant called Szechuan Spicy House, located in that part of town where my fellow Asians hang out and eat. Seeing "crispy pork intestines" accompanied by a big, red, chili-pepper sign on their menu, I ordered it without a second thought. If you think this is an unhealthy dish, you're darn right! Pork intestines are intrinsically fatty. And deep-frying them, although adding a beautiful crunch, doesn't render much fat out. It's sort of like deep-fried pork belly...something you hate to love. What saves this dish from being overwhelmingly rich is its epic heat (See all those chili peppers?) and exuberant spices. Its in-your-face spiciness somehow counterbalances its greasy taste quite nicely. I'll order this again for sure. 

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