Monday, August 31, 2015

Kintoki Snow Cone

To me, snow cones are somewhat medicinal. Yes, I'm aware of their sugar content and artificial colorants that, horror of horrors, have been linked to a host of diseases! But still, they're my magic elixir, my anti-depressant, my love potion. When it gets so hot that my whole body sheds copious tears of summery woes (I guess most people call that "sweating"), I revitalize myself with a snow cone. When too many things go wrong in one day, I let a snow cone comfort me. When my dear husband sits uselessly on the couch watching TV and completely ignoring my awesome existence, I say "Why don't you drive me to Osaka-Ya and buy me a snow cone?" And he always complies, turning off the TV and grabbing the car key. Some husbands would say, "Drive there yourself. You're not a goddamn kid!!!" But not mine. He's always willing to drive me twelve blocks down the street and get me a snow cone. As insignificant as that sounds, I find it kind of romantic. And every time I eat a snow cone he's bought for me, I think I love him a little more.

Now let me talk about the snow cone in the above photo. Doesn't it look lovely? It's a kintoki snow cone, consisting of shaved ice, syrup, condensed milk and sweet red beans. (Some people also like to add ice-cream and green tea powder.) I had this for the first time last Sunday. Normally, I'd just get a regular snow cone; red beans weren't something I considered alluring when it came to sweet treats. But last week, I was thinking, "Hmm, I need something to blog more adventurous, Om! Try it with the silly beans." And I'm glad I did. They gave me LOTS of beans, not only on top but also inside the snow cone. They were mildly sweet, a little nutty, soft but not mushy. I really enjoyed the added flavor and texture they provided. Plus, red beans are a superfood packed with dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants. So a regular snow cone might be an empty-calorie snack, but a kintoki snow cone is relatively healthy. Cheers to the red beans! 

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