Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rosemary Facial Sauna

How is moisturizing my face with aromatic steam an adventure? Well, trying anything new is an adventure in my book. And didn't you see the word "minuscule" in my blog title? Yeah, this was my little adventure of the day and I'll let you hear about it. 

I got this Revlon facial-sauna machine as a Christmas gift a couple years back. And to be honest, I've used it less than five times. Not that it doesn't work well or that I have anything against it. The thing is I just don't have a rigorous beauty regimen. Moisturizer in the mornings, eye cream before bed--that's it. 

But today, I had this urge to pamper myself a bit, so I took my facial sauna machine out of the closet and wiped off the dust. And to make it more "luxurious" than what I'd normally do, I put a few sprigs of fresh rosemary (from my dear friend's garden!) into the base. Plus, while steaming my face, I tried to breathe laterally (breathe into my side ribs rather than my stomach), a technique I'd learned from Pilates. So let me put it this way; it was a facial treatment, aromatherapy, meditation and Pilates practice, all in one. 

How was it? It was a lovely experience. For one thing, my room, hair and clothes were infused with the sweet aroma of rosemary, believed to boost mental energy and relieve mild headaches. I don't think I managed to master lateral breathing quite yet, but focusing on my breathing for fifteen minutes definitely brought so much peace. 

If you want to try this but don't have a sauna machine, just use a regular pot. Be very careful, though. A pot of boiling water won't release warm, gentle steam like this sauna machine does. So be sure to keep a proper distance. And yes, you may forego lateral breathing...unless you're also a Pilates geek like I am. 

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