Friday, August 14, 2015

Skillet Mac and Cheese - The Porch

I've known my friend, Stan, for about 7 years. We don't have much in common, but something about us both being immigrants (me from Thailand, he from Kenya) helped us form a fast and lasting friendship. Unfortunately, he moved away from Sacramento a few years ago, and ever since, we've rarely talked. Hearing that he'd be back in town this week, I was elated. We had lunch at The Porch (after he drove right past the restaurant, made several wrong turns, came back around and spent a good half hour to find parking!) and did some serious catch up.

The Porch's famous mac & cheese with applewood-smoked bacon was my lunch of choice. And I enjoyed that skillet of scrumptiousness ravenously. (That's a huge compliment, coming from me, someone who doesn't care much for cheese.) The star component is the vibrant sauce they put on top, known as the Sriracha-Velveeta Bechamel. It really does make this traditional dish more spunky. On a more profound note, I think this mac & cheese is kind of like my and Stan's friendship. As unexciting as it might seem, there is always that solid sense of comfort, that guaranteed delight. No matter how many years we've been apart, there's no fear of becoming strangers, no awkwardness when we meet again. Taking a bite of this gooey goodness is almost as soul-soothing as getting a warm hug from a dear friend.  

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