Friday, September 25, 2015

Grinning Halloween Skull

Mr. Orange Skull is grinning at ya! I wish he could appear a bit more friendly, but he wouldn't compromise his reputation for being spooky. Why is he orange? He's a crossbreed between a regular skull and a jack-o-lantern. And why does he look speckled? Well, because I like him that way. It makes him more goth-looking and less cartoonish, I think. And as you can see, he's the star of my Halloween collection. The items presented here are only a small fraction of the whole collection, though. There are a lot more, from throw pillows and gym bags to jelly-belly jars and baby clothing. You can find them all at Festive Fair. The Trick or Pilates tank top, however, can be purchased at Om And More. I designed this tank for myself to wear to the Halloween Wicked Workout classes at Humani (the best Pilates studio EVER!). And the awesome thing is it's customizable. In case you're not into Pilates, you could change it to "Trick or Yoga," "Trick or Knit," or whatever. The only part that can't be customized is Mr. Orange Skull himself. Sorry, you can't turn him into a witch or a ghoul or a hobbit. He's the mainspring of this artistic endeavor!

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