Monday, September 7, 2015

Peanut Butter Curry Ice-Cream - Humphry Slocombe

This Labor Day weekend, my inquisitive taste buds led me to embark on a little food adventure in San Francisco. And Humphry Slocombe, a tiny ice-cream shop in Mission District, was one of my destinations. Renowned for their creative (and sometimes twisted) ice-cream flavors, they didn't offer a myriad of familiar choices but a handful of distinctive options. Sadly, though, the crazy flavors I wanted to try (like the jalapeno corn bread and the foie gras) weren't available that day. So I opted for the Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee, a flavor I was pretty sure I'd enjoy, and the peanut-butter curry, a risk I was willing to take. 

Well, my intuition about the Vietnamese coffee ice-cream was correct; I did like its hefty chicory taste. If we had had a cooler in the car, I would have brought gallons of it back to Sacramento with me. As for the peanut butter curry ice-cream....hmm, I don't know. My husband loved it, and it seemed to be one of the most popular flavors there. But I have to disagree with those PB curry ice-cream fans. There was slight disharmony among peanut butter, cream, and curry spices - like three coeds reluctantly rooming together. Peanut butter and curry (who should be best friends) were constantly fighting while cream was kind of just there lingering in the background, too meek to intervene. Still, I finished the whole scoop. It wasn't horrible, just not my thing. And I'm glad I tried it, so now I can tell people I had PB curry ice-cream! 

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