Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dining Adventure at Moxie

I'd like to compare this meal to marathon running. Not because it took so long to finish, but due to the three distinct chapters of the experience--a robust promising start, a tedious middle section, and a sweet victorious ending. Despite its reputation as an upscale restaurant, Moxie seemed surprisingly unpretentious on the outside--just two small frosted windows and red double doors, under a simple black awning printed with the restaurant's name in quaint script font. The owner, a charming silver-bearded gentleman, greeted us warmly with his foreign accent (Italian?), and seated us next to the black-and-white photo of Marilyn Monroe. The interior was dim, cozy, and romantic in a nostalgic way. The food menu contained only one page, but the "today's special list" described to us by Mr. Silver Beard was quite extensive. Much more lengthy than the menu itself! By the time he finished, I'd already forgotten the first few items he mentioned. But anyway, here's what we got. 

Our appetizer: crab cakes. The first bite hit me with a spicy zing, then as I continued eating, a crescendo of flavors just kept manifesting itself in my mouth. It was a majestic dish, to which I mentally curtsied.

My entree: lamb piccata. I applauded this dish for its lovely presentation. Under-seasoning, however, was a crime against veal. And charging $30 for something bland and greasy like this was downright unforgivable.

Hubby's entree: baked sea bass. I took a bite of the fish, shrugged, and did not wish to eat any more of it. When I asked my husband what his favorite component of the dish was, he replied, "the pickled red cabbage" (which is hidden under the carrot in this photo).

Our dessert: lemon chiffon cake. Our final course tasted as delightful as it appeared on the plate. These little slices of delicate, tangy cake were a saving grace of the meal. If I had walked out of Moxie with the taste of that veal tragedy in my mouth, I might not want to waste my husband's state-employee income at this place again. But since our dinner started off so strong and ended on a high note, I think I'll give Mr. Silver Beard and his crew another chance. 

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