Saturday, October 10, 2015

Duck Confit with Cinderella Squash Risotto - Magpie

I got to visit the new Magpie on 16th Street a few days ago and much preferred this one to its previous lackluster location on R. The outdoor seating area was sizable and inviting, but on that balmy day, I decided to dodge the heat. Welcomed by its minimalist decor and lofty ceiling, its partially exposed kitchen and cardboard menus, I sat down, took in its eminent hipster vibe and ordered my dinner: duck confit with Cinderella squash risotto. While waiting, I eyed their baked-goods display case from afar and contemplated whether I should get dessert afterwards. In the meantime, the clanking and smell from the kitchen mercilessly revved up my appetite. Then it arrived! My Instagram-worthy plate of food. Crowned with shredded duck confit, smoked goat cheese and sage, the risotto upstaged everything else with its vibrant hue. And beneath that hill of scrumptious creaminess was an assortment of roasted root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, and turnip greens, so tender and fresh-tasting it rendered that delightful farm-to-table feel. People say great food is cooked with love. Well, I have no idea how much love the chef put into the preparation of this. Maybe a lot. Maybe none. I didn't watch them cook. But one thing I know is that it was executed with such mastery and high-quality ingredients that it tasted kind of like love. Motherly indulgent love. 

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