Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fitness Friday - Motivational Gym Apparel

To some, "Fitness Friday" might just sound like one of those silly Twitter hashtags, a heartening fad most fail to adhere to. Is this phrase so popular because of its catchy alliteration? Or is it an idea worth adopting? I'd say both. Of course, "Fitness Every day" would be much more ideal, but for many, that isn't even remotely doable. So think about it this way: "Fitness Friday" is much better than "Fitness Never." Why Friday? Well, in addition to its alliterative effect, it makes a lot of sense. It's the end of a long work week, why not do something nice for your body? And no need to fret about the soreness or over-exhaustion; you have the next two days to rest and rejuvenate.

I created this design for those who'd like to use their fitness gear as a motivational tool. How? Let me exemplify. I take Pilates classes 5 - 7 times a week because I find the workout enjoyable, I adore my instructors and classmates, and my sassy leggings just beg to be worn. I also take walks on a regular basis because I like fresh air, and it's a real shame to let my cute pair of Sketchers sit uselessly on a shoe shelf. Yeah, sometimes a frivolous thing like your exercise clothing could give you that little extra push you need. I hope my "Fitness Friday" collection can encourage some people to maintain their commitment. That Herculean flexing arm isn't meant to be everyone's body image goal but a symbol of strength and perseverance. If you'd like to check out the collection, Om and More is the place to go! 

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