Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Adventures in Review

This picture is quite representative of how I feel about this past year. It's been interesting, fun and a little weird. I know staring in the face of a live walrus would have been much more audacious than confronting this fake wall-mounted one. My 2015 adventures aren't anything wild and crazy, but still adventures nonetheless. And here are some of them. 

The Move - We deserted our old, dreary, poorly-insulated apartment with an air-conditioning that broke every summer and a roof that leaked every winter, and moved into a more cheerful and inspiring place where the landlord lives right upstairs with an obese cat who often lingers in front of our doorstep like a Russian spy. 

The Art of Feng Shui - Red color scheme in the center, wood objects in the southeast, water elements in the north--those were some feng shui strategies for 2015. Many think it's nonsense and they might be right. I can't provide any scientific evidence to prove its legitimacy. Let's just say it's a harmless superstition I seriously adopted after moving into my new place. I'm currently redecorating my whole house for 2016; the lucky corner will now be in the southwest. Yeah, I know I'm silly and intend to remain that way. 

I Found Pilates - Pilates isn't for the fainthearted, and they call that machine the "reformer" for a reason. My body has been so reformed I feel much healthier now at 35 than back when I was a teenager. The best thing about having more muscles? I can eat bacon, roast duck and pecan pie a little more often without gaining any weight. 

New Friendships - New friends are great byproducts of Pilates. Funny, kind and quirky peeps abound at my Pilates studio. We usually chitchat before and after classes, but sweating, grunting and panting together during class certainly have strengthened our bonds. 

That Trip to L.A. - I'd rather have a luau in Hawaii or dine at Vampire Cafe in Tokyo if I could afford it. But visiting Thai Town, going on a hike and hopping art galleries in L.A. for a few days was still better than sitting here in humdrum Sacramento. Oh and on this trip, I also had my first taste of Colombian food. 

The Balut - Food is one of my main reasons to live. I've had many food adventures throughout the year, but nothing can beat this monstrous, partially-developed duck embryo. 

Two Short Stories - Finishing two short stories in a year isn't very boast-worthy. They are part of my collection of interlinked short stories, which I've been working on for a few years. I believe I have written eight altogether but have decided to keep only one. I'm never too afraid to let go and restart. 

And Of Course, This Blog - As of today, this blog is about 5 months old. Blogging about my own minuscule adventures has turned out to be quite an adventure in itself, because I get to relive them once more through my writing, I guess. Hopefully, in 2016, there will be some big adventures in the mix. 

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