Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cheat Day Breakfast - Maple Bacon Cronut

While some might deem my waistline enviable, my doctor actually declared my cholesterol levels to be far from optimal. Yeah, I'm a thin person with fatty arteries. I can fool people but can't cheat a blood test. Every funnel cake and deep-fried shrimp head and pork belly confit I've devoured--it's all in there. I've been trying to eat better, though. I've managed to avoid health-sabotaging food on most days of the week. But of course, I can't cut those soul-nourishing, artery-clogging items out of my life completely. Once a week or so, we must rendezvous. Some people call it a "cheat day." 

I don't have special strategies for my cheat meals except just forget about the rules and eat whatever I'd like. Why not? I've been counting calories, doing Pilates, and living on lean meat and veggies. At the end of the week, I deserve a day of pure decadence. One of my most satisfying cheat meals is this: a cup of coffee and a maple bacon cronut. It might sound like a small breakfast but is packed with about 800 calories. And don't ask me to get into its fat content; let's just leave that bit of information undisclosed. I discovered this bacon beauty at Bakers Donuts on Florin Road. It's very light and buttery, delectably flaky, and exquisitely bacony. Biting into it, you'd get the sense of levitating to the Elysian Fields where death and misery don't exist. Screw vegan waffles and buckwheat pancakes. When I indulge myself, I do it all the way. That's what cheat days are all about. 

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