Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ginger Ice Cream

I've been going to Star Ginger for years; one of the waiters treats me like his longtime buddy; and I wholeheartedly endorse their khao soi as the best curry-noodle soup in Sacramento. For some reason, though, I'd never cared to try their desserts until a couple nights ago. Like most Asian restaurants, their dessert options aren't many. Only 3 flavors of ice-cream and that's it. No sticky rice with mango. No sweet egg tarts. No assorted mochi. The ginger ice-cream is what my tastebuds got to investigate the other night.

Three fat scoops, the color of desert sand, neatly line up in a shallow oval bowl. Simply dressed with gooey ginger caramel and nothing else, the presentation is on the fence between artistically minimalist and underwhelming. But whatever the appearance might lack or fail to accomplish, the taste makes up for it all. Laced inside each velvety scoop are chunks of candied ginger, which render this decadent treat extra texture and a little punch of earthy spiciness. It's not too rich, not too sugary, not too gingery. The balance between sweet and spicy is immaculate. Every bite carries a taste of harmony. I never thought an ice-cream could be so zen.

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