Friday, February 12, 2016

Hawaiian Breakfast in Sacramento

Was Harry drunk when he came up with the breakfast menu? Quite possible. To describe Harry's Cafe in one sentence, I'd say it's a lovely hole-in-the-wall eatery, run by a family of competent cooks who spurn the notion that a restaurant should have a clear concept. While most of the lunch and dinner items distinctly reveal the family's Vietnamese roots, the breakfast menu is where their culinary versatility and quirks manifest themselves. The breakfast fried rice seems to be a popular dish alongside the chicken and waffle sandwich. Classic American items, such as pork chop and fried chicken with southern gravy, are served on top of steamed rice. Pork and bean chili as well as chicken fried steak are both subsumed under the menu category of "Asian Breakfast." And have I mentioned Portuguese sausage, spam and locomoco? I guess you could call this place "fusion," but "we serve whatever the heck we cook best" seems to be a more fitting depiction when it comes to their style. 

Now back to the Portuguese sausage, spam and locomoco. Since when do Vietnamese restaurants offer Hawaiian breakfast? Strange, but who cares? As long as it's delicious, we should devour it. We should thank them for their interestingly arbitrary menu. We should embrace this gastronomic confusion with an open mind. Among the Hawaiian breakfast dishes offered here, the locomoco is the one most worth trying, whether you're into Hawaiian food or not. It has a mountain of steamed rice as the base, a generous-size hamburger patty as the core, and two fried eggs as the crown. The most commendable part of it, though, is the thick brown gravy that drenches and unifies all of the three components. By the grace of this locomoco, I can almost, just almost, forgive them for putting cheesy bean chili on rice and calling it Asian. 

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