Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just Some Bulldog Stuff

Bulldog Accessories
My latest design is a by-product of my insomnia. People handle a sleepless night differently. Some count sheep; some meditate; some self-medicate with whiskey. Me? I said screw this, left the bed and designed a goofy Bulldog. Am I a Bulldog owner? No. But I totally identify myself with this particular dog breed. Personality-wise, I'm like a Bulldog in human form.

Well, first of all, we're short but strong, ostensibly grumpy but actually friendly. We drool a lot when we sleep, hate extreme weather, and suck at running due to our stubby legs. When we're unhappy, we grunt aggressively. When we're happy, we grunt calmly. Yeah, it might be fair to say we are over-grunters. We're not antisocial in any way but we do value our "me time." With strangers, we tend to be reserved but not hostile. With children, we are hopeless softies. Our number-one obsession is food. And snoring on a couch is our favorite afternoon pastime. On the downside, we're quite stubborn and don't usually listen well. If you want us to do something, don't keep repeating yourself over and over or try to intimidate us. We're not pushovers, you know. Incentivize us with gourmet goodies instead. This method usually works wonders. Call us shameless gluttons if you may, but dieting is really not in our DNA. So if you want our full cooperation, just give us something to eat!

Bulldog Baby Onesie

Bulldog Sweatshirt
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