Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Coconut's Fish Cafe

As if the title doesn't already declare its specialty loud and clear, the restaurant's interior also boasts nautical-themed wall decor along with whimsical surfboard tables. What's more, each table comes with a built-in fin about six inches tall, evoking the dining-with-Jaws kind of feeling. Healthy eating has been a longstanding trend among Sacramentan urbanites, and Coconut's Fish Cafe cleverly responds to the craze with their fish-oriented menu featuring some of Hawaiian favorites: ahi, wahoo and mahi mahi.  

The Hawaiian poke bowl--mainly composed of raw ahi, brown rice and coleslaw--is chock-full of delight, served with a special instruction. As it contains complex layers of multiple ingredients, one must stir everything together thoroughly in order to get an impeccable bite, says the waitress, emphasizing the word "must," as though an omission to do so would render the dish a wretched debacle. The grilled ono (aka wahoo) comes with six seasoning options: lemon butter, blackened, Cajun, Asian flair, South of the Border, or just butter with pepper and salt. No need to spend too much time choosing, though. With fresh high-quality fish, nothing can go wrong. 

The mahi mahi tacos, although invigoratingly tasty, might pose a challenge to some. Made with seventeen ingredients, lavishly piled on top of medium-size corn tortillas, it's hard to hold in one's hands without letting chunks of fish or mango slip out. And yet, again, the waitress earnestly recommends, "Try to get EVERYTHING in one bite." Not an impossible task (for the average adult's mouth).......but kind of verging on public indecency. And of course, the meal wouldn't be complete without some good drinks. The pineapple cider goes harmoniously with pretty much everything on the menu. The real must-try, though, is the Coconut Porter, a Hawaiian malty beer with a heavy hint of espresso and a whisper of toasted coconut. 

What about non-fish stuff? Yes, salads, chicken tacos, steak tacos, burgers, and even hot dogs are also available. But why? Why would you go to this fabulous fish cafe and order humdrum chicken? 

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